Basic guidelines of participation

1. A school, as a whole, will be participating under this championship. There should not be multiple registrations from an individual school.

2. A teacher or a principal will be required to register the school and shall be acting as the person of contact for IRSC.

3. A coordinator, on behalf of IRSC, will be in contact with the teacher/principal coordinator of the school who will be helping to understand the championship and guide the school to conduct the activities.

4. Each registered school is suppose to conduct a particular set of activities related to road safety in the overall tenure, 6-months, of the championship.

5. Every activity`s report is to be submitted by the team via Team protal which is accessible after the team login to the dashboard.

6. Based on the reports the activities will be evaluated and will fetch you points.

7. Based on the number of points the overall zonal and national rank of the schools will be determined and thereafter, the winners.

Please refer to Rules for further information.

About School Championship

School championship is an annual championship that is being conducted for all the schools of India by Indian Road Safety Campaign, wherein, we formulate a well designed category system of various class groups, ensuring that the activities for each class group are innovative, creative as well as motivating. Keeping that in mind, students will be engaged in road related activities in complete guidance of their teachers.

The championship for the schools is designed in such a way that it is adaptive to the school environment system and covers all aspects of road-safety relating a school.

About Activities

Each activity will have certain credits or points. Activities are broadly classified as a) class group activities and b) School-level Activities. The class group activities are activities which are specially designed for a particular class group (age group) keeping in mind the cognitive abilities of a child. School-level activities are activities which are to be conducted on a school level.

A school is required to conduct one class group activity for each class group and one overall school-level activity on a minimum bare level.