Spreading awareness is just not enough to reach the target. What needed next is the development of technologies which can reduce the chance of any accidents happening in the foreseeable future. At Indian Road Safety Campaign, technology is at the core of our organization. We believe, that unless awareness,enforcement, infrastructure are not supplemented with the use of technology, we would not be able to magnify the impact we are creating.

Thus, our vision to a Safer India, can only be ensured with the help of technology and that is where Technical projects comes into play. Hence technical projects are been included in the iSafe'18 championship under the "Game Changers" where the teams would be expected to come with up with proper research on the improper road-designs, bridge construction etc OR need to develop a products/prototypes on various aspects related to road-safety OR develop a web/app that can change the landscape of road-safety in India.


Here, we would like to stress, that the choice of the project is completely yours and the project done would be evaluated on the basis of the following terms:

  1. Need for the chosen topic.

  2. Impact/Scalability of the research/product/service.

  3. Market Readiness/ Research Completion at the end of the 9 month.

  4. Final Presentation in the Tech-fair at IIT, New Delhi in the Finale Event.

All the shortlisted projects would be chosen for an exhibition set-up in IIT Delhi over the finale of iSafe'18 which would be visited by the leading people from the Government of India, Police authorities, industries, IITs and other institutes.

Some of the possible topics for Product/App/Website Development are:

  • Proximity Sensor Interface.

  • Redesigned Interface.

  • Transport safety for blinds.

  • Seat belt detection device.

  • Safe Helmet Design.

  • Automated CPR trainer.

  • Breathe Analyzer for alcohol Detection.

  • Road Design and Types suited for India.

  • Driver Training Simulators.

Research/Development may be done on various other topics as well that may improve any of the aspect of road-safety.

Top products would be chosen by IRSC, TRIPP IIT Delhi and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and taken for further development under a collaborative effort along with provision of grants, prizes and other incentives for the further development.

Best Projects in Hardware products will be funded upto 3 lakhs and best projects in Web/App development will be funded upto 1 lakh.