About stalls

The depiction of an issue through various medium describes the severity of that issue. And stalls are a great way to appeal to the audience as it makes the session interacting for the participants as well as informative. Hence,the colleges are required to place stalls during the time of the any major event and elucidate various situations that are being faced on the roads.

How to conduct:-

Under this activity, colleges will be required to place stalls in crowded areas or inside the colleges premises during the time of their fests and other festivals when various stalls are being placed. Under this the major aim will be to spread awareness among people about various rules and regulations including the laws, fines etc.
At the stalls the college can organize various activities ( Provided in the activities list of the awareness programs ) like :-

  • Online quiz competition. -QR code of the link to the online quiz can be placed at the stalls

  • Crosswords.


  1. Give introduction about IRSC:

    • How it was started.

    • Aim.

    • How we work. (Domains of our working)

    • Outreach of IRSC.

    • Projects implemented till now.

  2. Publicity of IRSC by using Banners, Flexes, Road of safety.

  3. Decoration of the stalls by using posters, charts, Quotes on chart papers etc.