1. Every college is required to maintain a facebook page of the college in the name of IRSC (college name) chapter.

  2. All work done under i- safe'18 would have the proprietory ownership of Indian road safety campaign.(SOLVE)

  3. All the reports are to be required to be submitted in the format provided by Indian Road Safety Campaign on the portal.

  4. The signified points of the activities will be allotted on the basis of the report that will be submitted to Indian Road Safety campaign.

  5. All the posters , banners and other creatives should be in the same template as available in downloads on the portal.

  6. The colleges are required to submit 3 types of reports during the period of i safe:-

    • At the end of each activity conducted.

    • At the end of every 3 months.

    • At the end of 9 months.

  7. You can login on the website by your registered email id and password.

  8. The team will be required to upload all the reports on their respective account on IRSC website.

  9. General Submission rules:

    Submissions have been marked as "Doc", "Photo" and "Video" in the submission criteria prescribed in each task. The three terms are explained as follows:

    • Docs: A 'Doc' type submission must be a PDF (.pdf file format) file .

    • Photo: A 'Photo' type submission can be made as attachments (JPEG format) or a link to the photos arranged and uploaded in a Picasa album containing all the required information.One of the photo should be geo tagged.

    • Video: A 'Video' type submission should be a YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook video link containing all the information as required as per the submission criteria. The YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook video links are to be mentioned in the submission uploaded on website
      All these should be submitted in a zip file on the portal.

  10. Club:- A club can be established for this championship or can be done under any other clubs like NSS,Rotaract etc.

  11. Size:- Minimum size of the team is 4 Member. Till the end of the championship the team will be representing in the championship and will be required to conduct the events allotted to the team in the allotted area. There can be more than one team from one college.

  12. Registration Procedure:- Team leader will have to register on the website. Team details can be submitted later. There can be more than 1 team from any college.

  13. Efficiency and the impact created by that event should be the main focus while conducting events.

  14. All the reports should contain all the information and details about the event as provided in the sample report.

  15. All the colleges will have to add event details on the portal, minimum 3 days before the event’s date.

  16. The report of the event conducted should be submitted to IRSC within a week after conducting the event, else it might lead to marks deduction.

  17. Assessment: Points are assigned to each and every task floated. The evaluation of any team registered would be done on the basis of submissions of online documents such as reports, the photos and videos as per the requirement of the task. The submitted work will be analyzed by the judges and mentors who will be from our side.

  18. IRSC core team can visit any event that will be conducted by the college ,without any prior notice..

  19. Other than team coordinators, volunteers who will contribute to the activities and complete minimum 60 hours will be given volunteer certificate from IRSC . (Proper documentation of their work should be submitted by team leader)

  20. Last date to register :- 15th September 2018.

  21. It is a 9 month championship from August 2018- April 2019.