Research on the design aspects (from medical perspective/requirements) of any road safety device OR medical requirements in the field of transportation safety.

There are many road safety devices where the devices work but the design aspects do not fulfill the medical requirements needed for the same hence though save the life at that moment, but cause permanent damage to the person.

Also, there are various aspects from the pre and post accident emergency care where proper medical research has not been done till date hence you can pick any of those aspect and work on it.

The major criteria of judgement for the same:

  1. Need of the research.

  2. Ease of Applicability and Usability.

  3. Stage of the research at the end of iSafe’18.

  4. Final Presentation in front of experts.

Extra Marks would be awarded if the research work is supplemented with a working prototype.


  • The report submission needs to be done in 3 phases:

    1. In the first phase, you need to submit the need of study and importance of the topic/road-safety device chosen.

    2. In the second phase, you need to submit a 5 min video explaining the proper literature survey done till date of the research in the field and your research.

    3. In the third phase, you need to submit the a 5 min video explaining the entire research done and applicability of the same and issues that further work can be done on. Also, focus on the impact that your research may be able to create.