Colleges are required to analyze all the provisions, laws and articles of Motor Vehicles Act in the constitution of India. Under this, the major focus will be on analysis and comparison of laws with the laws of the other countries and how the same can be implemented here in India. Study laws of other countries, try to improvise on that and check if it can be implemented to the current scenario of India. Colleges can also work on improving the current laws that has been implemented in India or can refer to other laws ( MAKING THE LAWS ) which can lead to the reduction in the level of accidents. Report is required to be submitted at the end of every Month. The analysis would be given to the expert panel for judging purposes.

This sector is further divided into 3 Quarter:

  • First Time = August, September and October. ( Quarter 1 )

  • Second Time = November, december and January. ( Quarter 2 )

  • Third Time = February, March and April. ( Quarter 3 )

Each quarter is further divided into 3 Major phases:-

Phase 1:- ( 3 Month )

Under phase one the colleges are required to conduct an analysis to find the gaps that are being present in the motor vehicles act, analyze the same according to the international laws and at the end are required to find the solution of the same.
The phase should be completed in one Month.

Phase 2 :- ( 3 Month )

Under this, the colleges will be required to analyze the impact, feasibility and gove of the solution that has been made by the college students.

Phase 3:- ( 1 Month )

Under this the college students will be required to try to incorporate these solutions in the Indian Law.


  • Every phase should be completed within 3 Month.

  • 1 report is to be submitted at the end of each month signifying the work done during the month.

  • Points will not be provided without the submission of the reports.