The role of the youth is not only concerned with spreading awareness about the road safety but also help the government to solve various issues which are a serious concern by stating the easy solutions for the same. The Indian Government is already overloaded with a large amount of work .Hence, the government could be helped by the youth by stating them simple solutions for the various big issues. The objective of the college is to state simple and feasible solutions to the most common problems concerned with road safety which can highly reduce the frequency of accidents.

Under this activity, the colleges are required to fulfill the gaps in the infrastructures in the nearby areas.

The major focus of these activities is to fulfill the gaps of the infrastructure by developing a feasible solution to the same and getting it implemented by the governmental authorities.

The project can be done in 2 areas:-

  • In the radius of 1 Km around the college premises.

  • In the college campus. (if college campus is spread over a large area ).

Changes that Should be done:-

  • Placing of the road signs where they should be located but they are not present.

  • Filling up of the pot holes by approaching the authorities.

How to work

Practical Implementation will be a task which is of 4 months. It is divided into three phases:-

  • First Phase(3 months)

  • Second Phase(15 days)

  • Third Phase(10 days)

These are the following tasks that colleges have to perform during the college championship

Phase 1

Under phase 1 the colleges are required to find out the various issues in the allotted area which is directly or indirectly leading to the Road Accidents. Then, surveys of stakeholders of the area must be taken to further analyze the problems and take possible suggestions of solutions from them. A better analysis could be made by referring to the checklists.

Finally, the most feasible solution has to be identified and drafted properly in the report. Past studies and works done on similar problems can be referred to for identifying the solution.

Note:- Please refer to the sample report.

Phase 2

Under the phase 2 the college students are required to Implement the solutions that has been found in phase 1 by approaching the local governmental authorities or the administrations.(eg: PWD department)

Note:- Forwarding the pdf copy being signed by the authorities signifying that they will be working on the improvement of the same.

Phase 3

Under this the college is required to follow up the implementation work of the solution in the given area by analyzing whether the changes that has been made in the area are fulfilling its motive or not, in case of the second find the solutions of the newly raised issue and further make it more convenient.