Message to the masses is an offline activity which tries to invokes one’s creativity , encouraging them to write a quote on Road safety which is going to be shared on the official page of Indian Road safety Campaign of the college.

What is to be done

  • The iSAFE team is suppose to do a Message to Masses activity where they will be required to go in a group and spread awareness among citizens.

  • The team can use Whiteboards(so that citizens can write their experiences or any quotes on it ) and Slogan Boards(to attract large crowds)

  • Try to go in crowded areas. Pitch people on various aspects of road-safety and issues like helmet protection, don't text or drink and drive.

  • Conduct the activity. Create a well drafted report based on the overall outreach and impact caused (predictive) . You can check the Sample report to get an idea to how to make a report..

  • Submit the report.