This domain is for students who are pursuing their graduation in journalism, media studies, BA or related courses. This domain consists of activities related to the media and communication sector of road related issue and road safety.

The primary aim of this domain is to promote practical knowledge of students pursuing media-communication subjects on road safety.

Activity Name Theme Embracing Sector Sub Activities (assumed)
1. Documentary Road safety. Production, Electronic Media Planning, script writing, research, editing, videography or shooting.
2. Research work How behavioral change works in road safety. Journalism, advertisement, public relations. Analysis, review, data tabulation, presentation (APA stylesheet)
3. Photography competition Road safety and related issues Production, print and electronic media Formation of their own FB page of IRSC, invitation to maximum participants.
4. Article / Creative Writing Road safety and related issues Advertisement, public relations, journalism Presentation, creative thinking, feature writing
5. Advertising Campaign Road Safety (general issues, rules/laws) and on any road safety related product. Advertisement, public relations Planning, Designing, creative writing, connectivity, presentation.
6. Conference Road safety and related issues Event management, Advertisement, public relations, journalism, Report making, management, panel discussion
7. Short Movie Making Road Safety and related issues Production, electronic media. Research, Planning, scripting, direction, acting, shooting, editing.

NOTE: Publication of different activities of different domains. (This is for all the participants of different activities) There are 500 points for the publication of different activities in newspapers, magazines, online news portals, news channels or any other possible mass medium. The participating teams will get only 500 points if- they will be able to convince media or print houses to publish a report on a particular activity of different domains (media, law, technical, awareness and medical) of your own college and any other college participating in iSAFE’18. they get published a cumulative report of different activities for one time only. Additional 500 points will be given to the team each and every time if- they will be able to publish activities more than one time. they will be able to publish a same activity or different activities in more than one newspaper or any other mass mediums. The media resource can be of national, state, district or regional level. The prescribed format of the report for both English and Hindi (5W and 1H i.e in what sequence they should be created) is already given in the creative section. To access the prescribed format log in to the dashboard..