Module Formation

Under this activity, each college chapter are required to make modules, in which the rules and regulation related to various road safety issues like challans and accidents would be explained in simple language along with images to help people gain a better insight of the law. The modules are to be made in different languages as it will provide a wider base to create an impact.


  • Law students are required to translate all the rules and regulations in simple language so that the normal people will be able to understand the same.

  • The colleges are required to make modules separately for all the laws and provisions that are important to be known by the people.

  • After the making of module, it should be forwarded to IRSC in a pdf brochure form.

  • Points will be allotted on the basis of content and the presentation of the module.

  • Each module made according to the law should be followed in the particular state (where the college is located).

  • Each Module will be required to be made in 2 languages:

    1. English language.

    2. Regional language.

  • Each college will be required to make 1 module on 3 topics every Month.