Knowing how to tackle a problem in theory is very different from actually implementing in reality. And to get a grasp over that , workshops are conducted. They give the exact experience one needs so that if the problem arises again, the responder can react to it at the very instant. Hence, college are required to conduct workshops related to different situations during time of accidents and how to respond to them.

The First Responder Training Workshop is a live workshop where the attendees are demonstrated how to handle a road accident victim. The workshop also signifies the importance of the Golden Hour.

These workshops are conducted by medical professionals such as doctors. Nowadays most of the hospitals in India and many NGOs organize such workshops.

What is to be done

  • You are required to conduct a First responder Training Workshop in your college.

  • Take permissions from your college authorities to organise the workshop.

  • It is important to plan this event beforehand, at least 20 days.

  • Coordinate with your iSAFE- coordinator so that we can provide you a hospital or NGO which shall conduct this workshop in your college.

  • Create a report. You can check the sample report to get an idea to how to draft it.

  • Submit the report.