Basic guidelines of participation

1. Each registered team is suppose to conduct a particular set of activities related to road safety in the overall tenure of the championship.

2. Every activity`s report is to be submitted by the team via Team protal which is accessible after you login to your credentials.

3. Based on the reports the activities will be evaluated and will fetch you points.

4. Based on the number of points the overall zonal and national rank of a team will be determined and thereafter, the winners.

About Domains

For every plan to be successful, every aspect of the plan must be executed exceptionally. This necessitates the importance of segregation. That is why iSAFE has come up with idea of domains. Domains ensures that every aspect concerned with road safety has been covered and every person who wants to help towards the cause irrespective of their field of work can work with the Indian Road Safety Campaign.

Thus, the Safer India Challenge' 18 provides the college to choose the domain they have an expertise on, domain consisting of activities that require the specific skill they possess, so that we can create overall impact on the field of road safety across technology, law, health awareness and mass media.

The colleges have been provided a large number of activities under their domains in various subsections from which they can chose on the activity they like and perform those over a period of 6 months.

Not only the domains have activities concerning the specific skill sets but they also come in with the benefits for these students in particular which would help them in their future pursuits as they would strengthen their CVs and Resumes .

About Activities

Each activity will have certain credits or points. Activities are broadly classified as a) Domain specific and b) Common Activities. The domain specific activities are activities which are specially designed for a particular domain and instigate upon using the knowledge the students are acquiring during their graduation. Common activities are activities which can be conducted by all the students, regardless of their domain.

NOTE: The teams will be provided by a coordinator from IRSC who shall be helping them understand and solve their queries.