UN Road Safety Week

Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve was the sole organization responsible for conduction of the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week organized by World Health Organization. A total of 51 events were organized across 21 locations in collaboration with the Delhi Traffic Police involving school students, colleges, communities at traffic intersections, malls, metro stations via street plays, discussions, quizzes etc. The week ended by conduction of a Run4Cause, Half Marathon, where thousands of people joined us from all across India to promote running! A total of 5,00,000+ people were sensitized across a week on various aspects of road safety.

Delhi Police Week

Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve was given the responsibility by Delhi Traffic Police to train, aware and sensitize police personnel and their families across 15 colonies in Delhi on various topics related to road safety and road rage! We got an opportunity to interact with more than 15,00,000+ people across these 15 colonies and communities were sensitized using range of methods, events, interactive discussions! The week ended with a performance on India Gate and hosting a drawing competition for more than 2,000 school students!

IMPLEMENTATION in Samayapur Badli, Delhi

Problem : Vehicle driving in wrong lane as the u turn is very far from Samaypur Badli Metro Station DTC buses stop at Samaypur Badli Station rather than at alloted bus stand which is few meters away from Samaypur Badli Station. Thus creates a rush at the exit of metro station which is already filled up with lots of autos.
Solution :View Detailed Solution.

IMPLEMENTATION in Tonk, Rajasthan

Problem : At evening a massive traffic jam at T-point.The people coming from or going to Mahesh Nagar interferes in between creating more nuisance at that place..
Solution : Traffic light with in-pavement detectors:Sensors buried under the road which senses the traffic and thus adjust the red and green signal time accordingly.


Problem : People not taking the standard rounabout route as the rounabout is actually not shifted from the central location thus leading to the collision between two vehicles. It is complemented by the fact that the turn is at 90 degree and so vehicles can not see the other vehicle coming on its way.
Solution:View Detailed Solution.