Location Problem Solution
Saraswati Sugar Mill, NH-73, Yamuna Nagar Lots of Overloaded trucks Construction of Four way lane
Proper truck stand
"Bridge should be constructed over the railway crossing lines."
Savitri-Chirag Delhi Flyovers,South Delhi Bifurcation of traffic due to a series of U-turns One-way flyover must be extended to a two-way flyover.
Subway at the right turn for the pedestrians
Separate lane for the bicycles.
"Pavement is nearly non- existent which leaves pedestrians no choice but to occupy half a lane meant for vehicular traffic" Underpass must be constructed from Khanpur side towards Moolchand Side.
The traffic should be controlled using a computerized system.
Inderlok Metro Station,Delhi "4-way road one is a very confined and narrow road just below the metro line the vehicles are struck in a traffic jam" "Block the U-turn between the traffic lights 2 and 3 and increase the width of road C ."
"A U-turn on one of those 4 roads increases the traffic jam road is not that broad to allow people to take a U-turn." Effective use of traffic lights
Poor conditions of traffic light and no traffic policemen "to make U- turn into road A by removing divider between road A and B nearer to the main red-light 1."
Dabri near Janakpuri,Delhi "After the construction of Pankha Road flyover, the heavy traffic coming from nearby locations from four lanes converges into a single lane." "Building needs to be torn down,if that isn’t possible, alternate roads need to be brought in use which are currently being encroached by residents."
"The cut at the end of the flyover needs to be closed permanently."
Absence of traffic signals. "Traffic signal to be installed in the crossing in front of Dada Dev Hospital."
Burari By-pass,Nirankari Sarovar Delhi "No traffic signs (signals) for the purpose of traffic regulation" Construction of roundabouts or U-turns synchronized with traffic lights at the 4-way intersection to regulate the heavy and fast-moving traffic comuting to and fro the outer ring road.
"No restrictions imposed on public transport like GraminSewa , RTV etc."
Problem of cows and stray animals: Shifting of garbage dumping point
Problem of Divider cuts (U-turns) Reducing number of divider cuts on the main Burari Road
Sri Aurobindo Marg (near AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital) and the AIIMS Flyover Accumulation of Rainwater during Monsoons Subway Immediate to the entrance of AIIMS
"Removal of traffic lights and Construction of Grills on the divider on Sri Aurobindo Marg"
Obstruction caused by Auto-Stands due to Oncoming Traffic Construction of a Foot-over Bridge in front of AIIMS(Gate no. 1 & 2)
Implementation of a proper auto-stand which won’t hinder the flow of traffic
Proper storm water drainage system in the AIIMS underpass
P and T circle, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. "Crossing at the P and T circle, which contains a blind turn which is a cause for trouble for the local residents." "Install a mirror on the circle, so that the people could see the car coming from the other side well before the car was actually visible."
"Tall boundary walls restrict the visibility of the driver of the vehicles, causing a great number of accidents." "There should be speed breakers made on the road to slow down the cars coming from either side,"
"No rules as such being violated, but this blind turn is causing a problem for many people who cross this area daily." "A traffic policeman should be present on the circle, so that people do not drive on the wrong side."
Shahbad Daulatpur to Bawana road, Delhi No proper traffic signals and aministration at Bawana Chowk(3- way junction) leading to severe traffic jams. At the Bawana Chowk the bus stand should be shifted a bit away from the junction.
No traffic police at the Mahadev chowk(4-way junction) amd no pedestrian crossings. At Mahadev Chowk proper traffic lights should be installed, traffic officials should be placed there,leveling of the road should be done, pedestrian crossings,blinkers and lane markings are required.
The area near Shahbad dairy is used as a bus stand for all buses and RTVs leading to traffic congestion and accidents. At Shahbad Dairy separate lanes should be constructed for school buses and pedestrians. Illegal parkings should be removed
No divider or speed breakers nearby DTU Gate to avoid chaos at peak times. Speed breakers and dividers should be constructed near the DTU gate and stoppage of vehicles right in front og the gate should be avoided.
Block 6 Raja Ram Kohli Marg, across Ramleela ground, Police Station, Geeta Colony. Raja Ram Kholi Marg is an accident prone area. It has a T-point without any traffic signals(red light) and dividers on the road. A red light should be installed at the T-point.
Zebra crossings should be made for passe byes.
Footpaths crowded with vehicles and automobiles should be penalized.
A thin divider shouldbe constructed on the road.
Shahdara Road underTraffic lights should be made functional. flyover near Shyamlal College Unauthorized parking by local people. Traffic lights should be made functional.
DTC buses cause major traffic congestions. Traffic officials should be appointed.
Road becomes narrower as we move forward because of timber shops. Encroachment of road by vendors and shops should be stopped.
From Durgapuri till Shahdara flyover there is no divider present. Proper divider should be constructed.
Auto Rickshaws move in wrong lanes. Proper auto stands should be constructed.
Ajmer road, Jaipur The Ajmer Road junction is a busy intersection which has traffic congestion problrms.There are no proper traffic officials and traffic signals at the junction.Mismanagement in the area leads to serious accidents. A separate flyover for buses and bigger four wheelers.Enforcement of traffic light use. Checking the negligence of traffic police. Shifting of nearby shops which attract crowd mainly(bar and liquor shops).
Kosi Kalan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India Some of the major roads of the town, connecting the town with main higways and interconnecting prime localities of the town are in worst conditions resulting in major accidents Construction of roads at right angles,proper sewage systems, dividers, clear sidewalks, and roundabouts in popolated areas like: Agrasen Chowk and Sherparh road
Local people are unaware of rules and regulations related to road safety Spread awareness through various programmes
Weekly market of animal trading brings heavy vehicles to the are leading to severe traffic jams Employment of Traffic Officials near Ghanta Ghar and contact the school authorities to manage the timings and routes of the school buses
Kattur Junction to Palpannai Junction on NH-67, Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India. The are between Kattur Junction and Palpannai Junction has a lot of black spots. At the Oil Mill Junction, a flyover can be constructed.This will allow the vehicles to pass through the underpass and the U-turn will also be accommodated.The traffic can move freely without the interference of the pedesrians.
At the Ariyamangalam Oil MIll Junction, there are no service roads and side roads, no reserve lanes, no U-turns, no traffic signals. There are commercial shops encouraging local traffic, public and institutional buildings.
At the Seshasayee Institute of Technology Junction, there are no service and side roads, no U-turns and no street lights.there are also institutional buildings, commercial traffic is prominent and number of right turning vehicles are more. At the SIT Junction, Service lanes can be provided for the approach road on either side. The median should be joined in the intersection prohibiting U and right turning vehicles. A Foot-over-bridge should also be constructed for the pedestrians.
There is a lack of proper pedestrian walkways and crossings.Animals are wandering on te main road.There are unused bus bays. Overspeeding is prominent. Information signs ae in local language.
Britannia Chowk to Punjabi Bagh Chowk, Delhi, India At the Britannia Chowk, there are no Zebra crossing, Insufficient lighting is there, bad road design and pedestrian line violation. Redesigning of Punjabi Bagh Chowk with better traffic contol facilities.
Providing better street furniture for people, Bollards with lights can be installed at the Britannia Chowk, Life saving rolling barriers and street lights should also be installed.
At the Punjabi Bagh Chowk, there are no Zebra crossings, no footpaths on roundabouts, bad road geometric red light roundabout, and a closed subway. 3D zebra crossings, places for the disabled, yellow line markings and road signs on dedicated lanes are required.
Red light violation detection systems, radar controlled roads speed cameras and digital sign boards are some other solutions.