Policy Internship is a 2 months opportunity floated for students all across India where they liaise with the local stakeholders and solve a pertinent road-safety issue under guidance of experts.
Doing so by collaborating with civic bodies, traffic police, public and other stakeholders to design a solution proposed by the people, getting it implemented by the people representative for the benefit of the people

Phases of Internship

  • Phase 1:- Identify the problem talk to stakeholder
  • Phase 2:- Conduct Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Phase 3:- Design a proper solution with the help of expert.
  • Phase 4:- Getting the solution implemented

What our Interns say

Previous Locations of Internship

IMPLEMENTATION in Samayapur Badli, Delhi .

Problem : Vehicle driving in wrong lane as the u turn is very far from Samaypur Badli Metro Station DTC buses stop at Samaypur Badli Station rather than at alloted bus stand which is few meters away from Samaypur Badli Station. Thus creates a rush at the exit of metro station which is already filled up with lots of autos.
Solution :View Detailed Solution.


IMPLEMENTATION in Gangapur City (Rajasthan)

Problem : Pedestrians directly cross train line instead of using under tunnel (small underbridge) specially in the rainy season mainly due to small width.
Solution : Construction of an underbridge with special focus on condition at the time of rainy season. Using Sewage treatment plan so as to use drainage water for useful purposes.

IMPLEMENTATION in Tonk, Rajasthan

Problem : At evening a massive traffic jam at T-point.The people coming from or going to Mahesh Nagar interferes in between creating more nuisance at that place..
Solution : Traffic light with in-pavement detectors:Sensors buried under the road which senses the traffic and thus adjust the red and green signal time accordingly.