Law Simplification

The law arm of IRSC seeks to mold the existing laws related to road safety in simplest versions so that it is easily understood and grasped by the common citizens. The complex legal jargons in the laws, regulations, notifications are transformed into single language. This enables the people to be legally aware of their rights and obligations.

Comics Module

We do not limit the simplification of the laws to mere texts in order to avoid monotony. Hence, the laws arm explains various sections of law through conversations between fictional characters in a comic module. This makes it interesting for the readers even young students can learn about the rules and regulations.

Video Tutorials

Nothing sinks in the human memory more prominently than a video. Hence, we also try to illustrate different provisions of law through interesting videos which are based on instances and conversations which often simulate real life cases on roads. This increases the penetration of legal awareness in the society.

Discussion sessions

The Law Arm Discussion sessions are held with the motive of promoting discussion among the young upcoming lawyers on the hot topics related to the transportation sector with the vision of not only sensitizing them and awaring them about the various laws but also in case they can come out with better recommendations for the same or highlight the frailities, which are then forwarded to the ministry if deemed significant..