Amar Srivastava

Amar led the official social service scheme wing of IIT Delhi, NSS IIT D where he led about 50 social projects in field of education, health, environment, substance abuse and social innovation impacting and uplifting the community in and around IIT Delhi.
Amar has worked with various other social ventures as well and started the Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve after getting deeply effected by the loss of various seniors in a road accident after which he and his team mates decided that they will try and make sure that no more lives are lost in road accidents.

Sonali Kumari

Sonali is a workaholic person and work for the betterment of society. She is currently pursuing from Delhi Technological University.
She believes in making change by being part of the change ,so by being a part of Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve, She is working to lower down the statistics of road accidents in India.

Isha Goyal

A graduate from IIT Delhi, Isha was deeply shook during her undergrad days by the loss of her seniors during a road accident and thus decided that she would start a movement that would change the scenario of road safety in India.
She brings with her the experience of working with the various social organisations to shape IRSC and take it towards its vision to have zero fatalities sue to road accidents.

Jishnudeep Kar

He is currently pursuing Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi and has been working on Road Safety since 2 long years. He has a keen passion for "Making Indian Roads Safer" using technical innovation by using bright minds from various technological institutes across India.
He likes to spend time with friends. He is always enthusiastic to learn about new technological advancements in the world and is a fan of Microsoft. He has experience in various coding and software environments.