Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve

Indian Road Safety Campaign, is the road safety initiative of Solve, a trust started by the students and alumni of IIT Delhi to solve the problems plaguing the society on the ground level. IRSC (Solve) is the largest youth led organisation working towards the mission of making Indian Roads Safer, focusing on reducing the number of deaths caused by road accidents across India by half till 2020. We are currently active in 50+ cities with over 1700+ volunteers and have impacted more than 1 crore people in across 10 states in India.

The Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve was started when few students of IIT Delhi lost their precious life in a road accident just after being placed in well reputed firms. We started as a project under National Service Scheme, IIT Delhi. Currently, have grown to be a youth led national level organization with the collaborative and supportive effort of MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), Delhi Traffic Police, College Chapters under IRSC, Intern Teams and various schools. The active involvement of governmental bodies and international bodies like United Nations indicate that we have been successfully recognised by the government for our work towards road safety and have so far received optimum support towards proper management for all our work. There are various methodologies inclusive of awareness sessions, policy and technical internships, workshops, competitions and marathons through which we have been able to sensitize and impact 25,00,000+ people directly, igniting in them a sense of need and responsibility to start working on the much ignored issue of road safety.