people die every hour on Indian Roads


LAKH CRORES costs to India due to road crashes annually


children die every day on Indian roads


of road crash deaths could have been avoided with rapid assisstance



were seriously injured or disabled in the past decade



people were killed in road accidents over the past decade


Technical Innovations

Developing technical innovations and providing exposure to students as to how to use tech in collaboration with IITs, Research Centers to solve road safety issues with use of technology.

School Programs

Sensitizing the future drivers about various aspects of road safety in a fun and colorful manner using specifically age group based designed programs and trainings

Making Law Accessible to All

Working under guidance of the Supreme Court Committee on road safety to simplify the law so as to make it accessible to all, engaging with lawyers across India to improve current laws.

Awareness Activities

Organizing and conducting online and offline interactive awareness activities, campaigns all across India for Drivers, Police Personnel and Pedestrian.

Services and Products

Working with AIIMS Trauma Care Center and IIT Delhi on developing the services like AmbiVan to improve the post accident emergency care in India.

Policy Fellowship

Solving road safety issues in collaboration with local authorities by sending out youth who stay at their hometown and solve a major traffic issue or a blackspot.

iSAFE: The Safer India Challenge

An annual road safety championship across 500+ colleges in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to use the expertise of students across sectors to make path breaking changes in the field of road safety

MissionRoadSafety: National Road Safety Portal

A national road safety portal developed in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways that shows the road accident statistics in a interactive manner and promotes sharing of data among the various stakeholders.

First Responder and Safe Driving Workshops

Training students, professionals, Police personnel, corporates by AIIMS and World Bank approved trainers on role of first responders and safe driving practices so as to spread awareness regarding the same.

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Dipak K. Dash, Times of India
"A young dedicated and concerned group who are bringing changes on ground to make roads safer. For the first time came across a group, which is doing more and talking less."

Dr. Sushma Sagar, Trauma Surgeon, AIIMS
"Indian Road Safety Campaign, Solve , an excellent initiative by young students led by IITians for the cause of trauma prevention, is the need of the hour to curb loss of young productive lives on road."


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